Portuguese cork and embroidery supplies

Portugal is the place for diversity, tradition and quality in craft supplies.

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Portuguese cork and embroidery  supplies


We bring more than Portuguese cork fabric, cord, straps or beads... We work with a wide range of craft supplies, including more cork materials, embroidery supplies, vintage ribbons, wool fabrics and yarns, cotton and linen yarns, craft twines, national fabrics and eco-friendly papers.

Inspired by the richness of Portuguese crafts’ traditions, we offer different kits that will teach kids and grown ups beautiful techniques. With our beginner embroidery kits you’ll learn the first steps of a Portuguese secular art and will get to know more about Portugal, our traditions and folk culture.

Perfect for your unique eco-friendly DIY projects...

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Folclore (Portuguese for Folklore) is inspired by the need of empowering folk knowledge, a know-how that must be shared, and not stopped in time, so we can continue creating our common history with our hands and, of course, with Portuguese soul…