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Portuguese cork fabric


Cork fabric is a unique craft material with a cork surface on a fabric backing. It looks like leather, but can be used as a regular fabric. Also known as a cork leather, it was born of the perfect marriage between human talent and nature´s richness, being much more than the best "animal free" substitute for leather

We are able to offer a wide range of cork fabrics, from very thin and pliable the sturdy reversible cork fabrics, unique and original products that may be used in leather crafts projects.


Our gold-flecked metallic cork fabrics, natural or dyed, are a huge success. And recently we have launched cork fabrics with cotton backings. The cork and denim fabrics are amazing and the cotton & linen backing is the most sustainable option. Our cork fabric is made in Portugal with Portuguese cork and is PETA approved. Genuine cork fabric can be hand and machine sewed or used with glue. Its beautiful texture makes it great for many craft projects... It is used in sustainable fashion, vegan leather products, home-decor, sports, leisure and even in the automotive and aerospace industry. There is an endless list of products that can be made with cork fabric. It includes clothing, uppers of shoes and sandals, baby moccasins, handbags, clutches, wallets, cases, sleeves, belts, camera straps, watchstraps, upholstery products (like furniture, sofas and chairs), jewelry (cork is perfect for earrings), labels, box lining, book binding, bicycle saddles... Folclore Crafts' cork fabric is the perfect choice for a sustainable lifestyle.

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Do you want to know more about Folclore Craft´s cork fabric?

Check this document and this video with photos taken at the factory that will show you the manufacturing process

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In our online shop you"ll find cork leather sheets

In our cork store you"ll find a sample pack with cork leather swatches that will showcase the different types of corkfabric we work with our range of cork leather natural patterns and dyed colours. 



Cork fabric wholesale conditions apply for orders larger than 10 linear meters/yards (per reference). Folclore Crafts provides commercial and technical support and a local cork fabric manufacturer, our partner, is responsible for producing, billing and shipping from Portugal.

Our clients can choose the cork fabric that best suits their work and it´s even possible to develop customized products that fits specific needs.

You can buy cork fabric by the roll, but we can also deliver your order in already cut cork sheets with different sizes.

Ask for cork fabric wholesale prices.


Folclore (Portuguese for Folklore) is inspired by the need of empowering folk knowledge, a know-how that must be shared, and not stopped in time, so we can continue creating our common history with our hands and, of course, with Portuguese soul…