Cork fabric wholesale and craft supplies

Cork fabric wholesale is genuinely sustainable and Portuguese, we are world’s number one producers. From cork oak tree ecosystems, the montados, comes this incredible material, impossible to recreate in an artificial way.

wholesale & bulk conditions


cork fabric wholesale

Our wholesale conditions for cork fabric with cotton backing or any other optin apply for orders larger than 10 linear meters/yards (per reference). The same happens for cork paper. Folclore Crafts provides commercial and technical support and a local cork fabric manufacturer, our partner, is responsible for producing, billing and shipping from Portugal.

Prices begin at €16.5/square meter for fabric with stynhtetic backings, €20.5 for cotton backings and €14.0 for paper. You can buy cork paper and cork fabric by the roll,  the width is 140/160cm (approx. 55"/63") for fabric and 100cm (approx. 39”) for paper. But we can also deliver your order in already cut cork sheets with different sizes.

In our cork store you’ll find a sample pack that will showcase the different types of cork fabrics we work with (from 0.4mm thick to 2.2mm reversible options) and our range of cork leather natural patterns and painted colors.

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Cork Cord, straps & Fringes

Wholesale for cork cord, straps and handles begins at 25, 50 or 100 meters/yards, depending on the width.

It’s possible to choose different colors and patterns for wholesale orders and the same for the width and the length (with the limit of 1.4m /1.5yards). We can provide small samples of our range of widths, thicknesses and colors.

We may help you deciding the best type of strap/handle for your work. Two different thicknesses are available and it’s even possible to design a product that will meet your specific needs.

Get in touch in case you want more information, including prices.


Cork beads

Our natural cork beads, in different shapes and sizes, are beautiful for earth friendly jewelry making, macrame and more craft projects. The natural, non sealed, small cork balls make the perfect pop-up boilies and will be the best option ir cap angle. As we have our own cork worskshop it will be easy for us 

As we have our own cork workshop, cork beads may be made to order with different shapes, dimensions and holes, depending on the quantities. Bulk prices begin at 1000 pcs.

We’ll be happy to provide more information, please get in touch.


embroidery kits & Folclore gifts

We offer wholesale conditions for our beginner kits inspired by Portuguese embroidery traditions and for our handcrafted gifts.

If you have a shop, we are sure that our products would be a success there!!

Please contact us and we’ll send you our wholesale prices and conditions.


Corporate gifts

Our sustainable and socially responsible handcrafted gifts are rooted in Portuguese culture. We connect local materials with artisans and artisans with large-scale distribution. Our supply includes conference bags and a wide range of original and eco-friendly corporate gifts. We’ll be delighted to design a customized proposal that will meet your specific needs.

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What may seem like a simple piece of decorated fabric is, in reality, a summary of a fertile culture that has a million stories to tell, all born from its rich and colorful history. Portuguese embroideries are, truly, time capsules of culture.

David H Hobson